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Battlestar Galactica - Mini Model


Below: 8/26/2005 UPDATES

ABOVE: Some close ups.

ABOVE: Top and Bottom.

ABOVE: More angles.

ABOVE: A familiar angle on the Right.

ABOVE: More Close ups.

ABOVE: Top views.

ABOVE: "red lighting" added in the hangar recesses.

ABOVE: Some lower side pics.

ABOVE: "Enclosed" landing bay.

ABOVE: Close of front/rear.

ABOVE: More 'antennas' and the window frames I created.

Below: 8/25/2005 UPDATES

NOTE: The landing bays are just test fitted, not glued in yet. (Ignore the color, it was the lighting)

ABOVE: Lighter panels added and drybrushed engine area.

ABOVE: Added a few new pieces.

ABOVE: Adding the red stripes and drybrushing.

Below: 8/24/2005 UPDATES

ABOVE: Base Coat Painted - Top and Side view.

ABOVE: Amazing details on engine, front/side view.

ABOVE: Notice the details on the nose and body!.

ABOVE: A couple more side views.

ABOVE: Notice the RCS thrusters added on side of nose, and the new nose 'button' and details.

Below: 8/23/2005 UPDATES

ABOVE: (L) Drilling holes, (R)details added.

ABOVE: Few more of details added.

Below: 8/22/2005 UPDATES

ABOVE: Parts in Kit, Top Down view.

ABOVE: Cleaning flash, side-top view.

ABOVE: Some familiar angles.

ABOVE: And some more.

ABOVE: Incredible detail, idea of size.

ABOVE: Side view, JT Graphics Poster.

ABOVE: Kit Instructions

End of this update.

Above: (L) Image of Physical Model (R) Image of CGI Model - Battlestar Galactica (C) 2003, NBC/Universal

- For Kit Sales, see FEDERATION MODELS
- For info on the kit, please contact cobywan@comcast.net and
PLEASE let them know you were referred by "SQUAREMODELS". Thank You!

Click here for a Ongoing Review of Kit

UPDATE: 08/26/2005 - Model is complete! (I still have some minor touchups to do, like adding some black at the landing bay decals) Need to finish the base still, but this will give you the idea of the finished kit. I even added the 'windows' over the starboard landing bays, and they have the 'grids' in there as well. I'll add details in the Kit Review section next week.

UPDATE: 08/25/2005 - Applied the lighter grey paint to the panels (See pics at left)

  • Added some small styrene pieces under the landing bay recess.
  • Added small styrene strip/pieces to the lower front area
  • Painted all the raised panels
  • Drybrushed most of model (ribs)
  • Painted the red stripes

    UPDATE: 08/24/2005 - Primed and base coated model. (See pics at left)

    It is just amazing the details that come out on this kit as you apply the paint!! And more importantly, almost all the panels/details match right on to the CGI model!!

  • Added some small styrene strips under the landing bay struts to close the opening.
  • Added a small styrene strip to the front of the landing pods
  • Finished the RCS thrusters on rear engines
  • Cutout styrene 'endcaps' for the engines as the air bubbles couldn't be puttied. (This was the only area where these were a minor problem, amazing for a small resin kit)
  • Applied primer, then base coated.

    UPDATE: 08/23/2005 - Did some detailing prior to priming. (See pics at left)

  • Cut out the four 'holes' in the front side of the ship on both sides (RCS Thrusters)
  • Added a very tiny styrene circle greeblie to the front of the ship
  • Added some small panels to the front of the ship
  • Added a couple small panels on top of ship
  • Cut out the four holes at the backs of each engine

    UPDATE: 08/22/2005 - This incredible little model, about 7" in length is PACKED with details. I never would have guessed someone could make a physical model of this complex battlestar, but Coby Lorang pulled it off, and did a tremendous job on this little kit! You can see all the minute little details of all the panels, and there are even the 'launch tube' openings on the sides of the landing bays, and 'Galactica' engraved on them as well! I will be washing the kit this week, then primer and sanding it, and working on the paint. I'll be using the poster that Jeff Waclawski (JT Graphics) made up, and picked up at Wonderfest as references. (Basically, the ZOIC pics, in one cool poster)



    The kit comes shipped in a nicely padded box, with a cool BSG image on the front. When you open it, you'll see the decals, instructions, BSG emblem and brass rod are separately packaged in a plastic bag. The first thing you will notice is the absolutely amazing amount of detail, and the crispness of the overall castings. The 'flash' around the midline looks scary at first, but you'll find it is less than paper thin, and cleans up easily (see below).

    The model itself has three main parts - The body, and the two landing bays. Lastly, you'll find a nicely cast base for it, and a wonderfully put together double sided instruction sheet, cut just like the papers you see on the show (corners cut at angles). Very nice touch!


    Cutting the model off the 'sprues' are pretty straight forward. The landing bay front/back just needed to be clipped off. I found using a dremel was the best way to cut the landing bay structures off the main sprue. The same was needed to cut away the main body of the Galactica. Then a little extra dremelling to clean it up underneath the bay. Be careful separating the sprue from the back of the engine. In this kit, there were some minor air bubbles at the back of the engines at the sprue locations, so it will require just a little putty (The only place on this entire kit it looks like will be needed! That is a bonus for this kind of kit!)

    Once the three main parts were removed, time to clean up the flash. For a model of this scale and detail, the flash is surprsingly minimal, but will take some patience to work with, as a lot of it is at the midline at all the 'ribs'. A small file and Xacto will get you through cleaning this quite easily. My particular kit didn't have quite enough resin poured on the underside, but, with a little sanding, it was minor enough to still get the basic shape. Inside the landing bay recesses on both sides of the main ship body, there were some large resin 'bubbles'. Again, very common with resin kits, and no more than expected. Just a couple minutes with an Xacto, and these were easily removed.

    The 'holes' where the landing bays go through the body on mine were a bit mis-cast (the rear's opening was much longer vertically than the front). Both holes require cleaning out the resin to fit the landing bays properly. This is easily addressed by getting a small square file, and filing out the resin. The bays will slip right in. I'll just need to make a small styrene panels to go under each of the bay struts to hide the extra room. Lastly, one of the landing bays had some uneveness in the midline where the mold lines were. Also, just some scraping with an Xacto, and you are set. Finally, the kit gets a wash in some mild soapy water, and she'll be ready for primer!

    All in all, with such amazing detail, the quality is fantastic for the $. At this point, I highly recommend this to anyone with some experience in resin. Next will be a review on painting and assembly.


    Now the fun part. I airbushed a thin base coat of Testors enamels primer. That dried quickly, so it was on to the base coat of Testors Enamel Dark Gull Gray. Again, I thinned it down about 50/50. As this went on, the details and panel lines just started coming out! It was VERY COOL. You just want to keep going and finish this thing right away as the details make you feel as if you are really handling a "mini-Galactica". Some areas where I didn't clean out the flash stood out, so next I'll go in and clean up those areas, and hit it with another quick base coat.

    The model then got a coating of clear, flat lacquer, so the hand painting won't smear the base coat. I then began painting all the raised panels. I used a mix of 50% Light grey, 30% aluminum and 20%Dark Gull Gray, thinned down. I then applied the paint to a small, flat brush and painted all the panels. This gave it a subtle metallic sheen, so the panels reflect in lighting slightly. I also added the red stripes (need to fix the ones on the nose). This was just hand painted with a small fine brush. MORE TO COME.

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