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BLACKBIRD/STEALTH FIGHTER - 1/24 Scale - Battlestar Galactica


Kit Images -May 25, 2007

Completed model with hangar equipment

Some more from above

Nice head on image on right

Underside, and a few close-ups

Crew Signatures and seat detail

Details in cockpit with some customization

Two Build-ups of kit and the parts

End of this update.

Scale: ~1/24 - Model measures ~15"
Parts: About 90 individual parts
Instructions: Photo and written - Excellent
Decals: Waterslide - Excellent Quality
Molding Quality: 10 out of 10
Detail: 10 out of 10
Accuracy: As accurate as it gets
Overall Rating: 10

5/25/2007 - Here is a look at a terrific, 1/24 scale New Battlestar Galactica series kit of the BLACKBIRD STEALTH FIGHTER. This model will go very nicely with the other kits out there, F/M Models MKII Viper and Jesse Meyer's Raptor.

WHAT YOU GET: The first thing you see when you open this model is the gorgeous casting quality. There are very few if any imperfections. Dry fitting the parts, everything goes together like a glove. There is some minor trimming of flash from some of the small parts, but all in all, all this kit requires is some soap and water, and she's ready for primer, paint and assembly. The kit comes with all the parts, clear styrene for the windows, brass rods for the engine area and landing gear, great set of decals, and a very nice vinyl sheet to represent the hangar floor.

CONSTRUCTION: I chose to modify the cockpit a bit. I ordered some 1/24 scale photo-etch seat belts for the seat, as well as adding some wires to the top of the seats. I also added a 'throttle' and 'joystick' in the cockpit. So I started by building all this up first. After the cockpit tub was complete, I masked it off, and primered and painted all the major parts. I assembled the engines, and added some small styrene rods to go with the excellent engine 'piping' that came with the kit. I also added some 'greeblies' inside the engine where the 2 pipes run for a little added detail. Assembling everything was a breeze. The parts all fit together very well. The landing gear was the last to go on. They are reinforced with the brass rods to ensure they won't sag or break. EXCELLENT Design, and very simple to assemble. The only kink I had was the two larger rear doors had the 'brackets' on the wrong side. This was a simple fix by adding two new small C rods on the other side of the doors. The Canopy takes a bit of patience, but I found some non-toxix CA glue, so they went right down with little trouble. Templates are provided for cutting your canopy windows to fit.

PAINTING- I Painted the model in flat black. Then I slightly lightened up the black and put some subtle 'paneling' details all over. Then I applied future floor wax to get gloss finish for the decals. After applying the decals, then I went back and put a dullcoat all over the model.

EXTRAS:- I also picked up the diagnostic and engine crane from Kip to add to the display. These are two nice little build ups that assemble and paint very easily, and look great with the final build up.

CONCLUSIONS: - A fairly straightforward resin kit that assembles with little effort. This model is a beautiful companion to go with the other 1/24 scale new Galactica kits. The quality of this model is top notch, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this model to anyone that loves to build models, especially from the new BSG.

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